Melon Seeds Egusi Shelling Peeling Machine Production Line

Melon Seeds Egusi Shelling Peeling Machine Production Line

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  • Serena Han
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  • 2019 11 07

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  • State: Lagos
  • Location: Zhengzhou
  • Telephone: 08092487311

The egusi shelling machine has low energy consumption, compact structure, take up the space is little, seed kernel loss is low, the operation convenient maintenance etc.


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  • ₦3,000.00 / full set

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Process of egusi peeling machine: Seeds→--Screening→Elevating→De-hulling→Separating of kernels→Kernels Component of melon seeds shelling machine: The pumpkin seeds shelling machine consists of feed-in hopper, bucket elevator, huller, shells collector, positive pressure separator, and electric control cabinet. Features for egusi shelling machine ·adopts wet method for dehulling process. ·make it more efficient on dehulling rate and lower broken rate through improvement on existing dehullers. ·it adopts recycled dehulling process, that is to say the unhulled seeds will go back for recycled dehulling automatically. ·melon seeds shelling machine adopts negative-pressure method to suck the shells out instead of blowout to reduce the dust quantity. ·Increase the distance and area of the separation screening, make seed-kernel separation works more thoroughly,
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