Super Gro best Catfish and Poultry Liquid Fertilizer

Super Gro best Catfish and Poultry Liquid Fertilizer

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Super gro is a new product from GNLD company that increase the production of fish in the pond. ADVANTAGE AND BENEFIT OF SUPER GRO ARE: # it promote the growth of phytoplankton in the pond. # it promote uniform growth of the fish in the pond. # it prevent fish mortality and cannibalism. # it increase the abilit of oxygen dissolving in the fish pond. # it reduce changing of water on daily basis. # it reduce ammonia level and maintain water PH. # it prevent offensive odour and scurrying. # it is effective in many type of fish pond e.g plastic,earth and concrete pond.


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THE USE OF SUPER-GRO FOR FISH FARMING Concrete or mud ponds are most preferable. APPLICATION/MIXTURE Fill the pond with clear water measured in litres and add 1ml of super-gro per 10litres of water and agitate gently. Then leave this treated water for 7to 10days to fertilize the pond and then flush out the treated water after this period. Put clear fresh water and leave for 5 to 7days before stocking your fish inside the pond. ADVANTAGES OF SUPER-GRO ON FISHES Promotes the growth of phytoplankton in the pond. Prevents fish mortality and cannibalism Increases the ability of oxygen dissolving in the fish pond thereby less changing of water on a daily basis. It reduces ammonia level and maintkain water PH Promotes help promote uniform growth of fish Very effective in many types of fish pond eg. Plastic, earth and concrete pond. Prevents offensive odour and scurrying in the pond. Absolutely cost effective. COMPARE SUPER-GRO WITH OTHER WATER TREATMENT PRODUCT. It is a natural product that has no chemical content It contains nutrients needed by fish for maximum growth It fertilizes the ponds thus you don’t need to change the water on a regular basis When using super-gro, you don’t need to add any other chemical to the pond. It is very economical. 5litres will serve you for 4-6months depending on the size of the pond. It will increase your profit because many people will like to buy your fish which will outgrow other fishes and look healthier For supply of the product, kindly call or text us on 09067335009. You can also mail us via our email at
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