PUPURU (Cassava Flour)

PUPURU (Cassava Flour)

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  • State: Lagos
  • Location: Akoka
  • Telephone: 08135372674

Are you worried because you are in need of an African/Nigerian healthy meal that serves an alternative to the usuals, tasting better and unique, PUPURU is the answer. 100% Cassava - No additivie

  • ₦500.00 / kg

  • Price is negotiable
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Pupuru is an African traditional cassava food commonly consumed in south western Nigeria most especially people of Ondo State. It is not like garri, lafun or fufu which are all locally made from cassava but it has cassava as a common ingredient. The technology of 'pupuru' processes increases its protein and fat content including zinc, potassium, calcium, carbohydrate, crude fibre content making it one of the highly nutritious cassava flour. Pupuru can be eaten alongside various soup most especially efo riro(vegetable soup), ewedu soup, egusi soup(melon soup). You can't wait to have a taste of this. HEALTH BENEFITS: Carbohydrate; Vitamin C; Protein; Fiber; Calcium; Magnesium; Potassium. LAY BENEFITS: More energy; Strong Teeth; Formation of Stronger Bones; Formation of connective tissues Formation of Sex Hormones and lot more... HOW TO PREPARE STEP 1: Purchase a reasonable quantity of Pupuru STEP 2: Boil water and pour into a bowl STEP 3: Pour little by little into the steaming water in the bowl STEP 4: Use the wooden stirrer (Omorogun) and stir to a relatively homogeneous mix STEP 5: Serve with any soup choice FOR ORDERS: We have our packs in kg Visit Unilag Pharmacy, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. or 34 Ojo Street, Akoka, Lagos.
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