Best Liquid Fertilizer For Cash Crops,Catfish,Poultry

Best Liquid Fertilizer For Cash Crops,Catfish,Poultry

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Great farmers Are u a crop farmer ? Are u into poultry, fishery,,cattle, piggery,,, etc Have u heard of super gro? Have u seen super gro? What are u waiting for know about it? Here are so many facts about SUPER GRO product Super gro is a miracle wonder drop/formula that increase harvest for crops,trees, fish,cattle ,snail,piggery farming. It is very easy to use plus it is safe to handle,its non- toxic,non caustic and non inflammable Super gro is 100% organic liquid fertilizer that is made from poultry droppings ,sea bird guano and organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it. It's 100% safe to use on any vegetables and of course the rest of ur gardens. Super gro can be applied to any plant,trees,vegetables, and even grass that require fertilization. Super gro is an exclusive product of a world renowned company (NEOLIFE) operating in over 50 countries for over 59years clocked 60yrs this year 2018. Here are the composition of macro and micro element of SUPER GRO Nitrogen (n) 72g per litre(macro) Phosphorus (p) 45g per litre (macro) Potassium (k) 30g per litre (macro) Sulphur (s)15g per litre (macro) Calcium (ca) 9g per litre(macro) Magnesium (mg) 7g per litre (macro) Iron (fe) 5mg per litre (macro) Iodine (I) 3g per litre (micro) Marine salt (ms) 1mg per litre (micro) Zinc (Zn) 1mg per litre (micro) Neolife super gro for crop farming Super gro assist more water to reach the roots of the plant and stays there ,optimising plant growth in less time .its a source of fertilizer to protect and for healthy growth of agricultural and farm products. It also a naturally wetting agent,penetrable spreader and sticking that has no chemical. It increases the product of farm (food and cash crops). Benefit of super gro for crop farming *concentrate that increase plant yield by as much as 200%. *makes water " wetter".it may seem contradictory ,but water does not always "wet" plants and their roots very well,before water even has a chance to penetrate, it run off or evaporate . Super gro fertilizer reduces the water's surface tension, making "water wetter" and boosting it's ability to deliver life-substanining moisture deeper into the plant root systems supporting better growth,faster time to maturity and harvest . It has internal ability to absorb solar energy and gum it to the plant for maximum use. Improve the absorption of nutrients. It break the surface tension of water. It acts as wetting agent It increases the rate at which water enters the soil. Use often as you choose (every three weeks interval ) It is bio-degraded,non harmful,non toxic,non-flammable,environmental friendly It leaves no harmful residues as it is devoid of chemicals or synthetic substances that will destroy the soil and makes it to be safer for human health and it will also not adversely alter soil pH unlike most other chemical fertilizers in Nigeria. Does not affect the pH balance of the soil or destroy the land. It is simply increases the yield. It feed,renew,and revitalizes the plant . The seed,the stalk and and leaves are gently improved super gro many farmers has reduce their cost of buying fertilizer and other farm chemicals,The reason is that they just add a little super gro to their farm treatment and pest control and get the result they want. Benefit of super gro on fish farming are: It promotes the growth of phytoplankton in the pond It prevents fish mortality and cannibalism. It increases the ability of oxygen dissolving in fish pond. It reduces changing water on daily basis. It reduces ammonia level and maintains water pH . It promote uniform growth of the fish. It is effective in many types of fish pond eg plastic, earth and concrete pond. It is hygienic when compared with organic mature. Also prevent offensive odours and scurrying. Benefit of SUPER GRO on poultry farming are: Prevent the chicken grow fowl pox and cholera. It prevent the chicken from cold and quails diseases It prevent the chicken from pheumoencephailitis( new castle) It promote uniform growth of the chickens and prevent foul odour . It prevent the chicken from flu(fowl plague). It prevent them from swollen head. It prevent the chicken from epidemic tremor. It prevent them from egg drop syndrome (EDS) It also prevent them from lice and mite. Super gro is versatile, easy to use ,safe and economical. You can get super gro in Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya,Cameroon, south African,USA, Togo,Algeria, California, England, anywhere u might be just contact us to discuss and get direction to the closest warehouse to you To contact us or know more about this Product Kindly Follow this link to our my WhatsApp group: Or Call 09067335009
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