Manual For Fish Feed Formulation

Manual For Fish Feed Formulation

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The recent policy has made it quite difficult for importers of agro inputs such as ingredients to compete with other importers while sourcing for dollar for importation. The implication of this is that the entire bulk is passed down to fish farmers who are still feeding their fishes with imported feed. But there is no rocket science needed in getting a good formulation for the fishes. Basic things are that the feed must be palatable, digestible and assimilated by the fishes. Once you can get a formula that satisfies these you are just ready to go. We have just made it affordable now by you paying only a token (You heard me right! ONLY A TOKEN) to our account and you are sent the ebook that will teach you so many thing about fish feed formulation on both sinking and floating feed. Below are the things this book will teach on 1. the formula for sinking and floating catfish feed 2. fomula covering stater to finisher 3. how to calculate crude protein content without going to run laboratory test for confirmation 4. combination that will give the lowest cost per kilogram of feed while at the same time getting the best quality. 5 ingredients that do not easily pollute the pond water as against the conventional ingredients that pollute water. This is made easy for farmers to continue fish production as the opportunity to make it in agriculture (fish farming) is now. get back for us for this Must read ebook. The price has been slashed for more hands to get this secret. Why not hurry for one now-Just can make this huge difference.

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